Service guidance
Customer Service

Do I have to sign up for membership?
If you want to use E-service provided for our members, you have to sign up. We are making every effort for you to use our service easier and protect customer’s personal information.
How do I edit my membership information and withdraw from membership?
membership information can be edited after you log in, and withdrawal from membership will be proceeded within 24 hours of your request.
What kind of handling equipment does Chunil use?
Steel logistics division is utilizing 6 OHCs (35ton 2, 25ton 1, 15ton 2, 10tob 1) and 2 forklifts (16ton 2).
Can I use Chunil’s warehouse and shed?
You can use our automated warehouse and shed in Pohang site through contract.
If you have further questions, please contact our sales department(054-285-5001).
What is Chunil’s strong point provided to customers?
Pohang site has led steel and bulk transport and able to store safely, transport and inventory management based on our experience and technique along with 60 years of history.
Also, you can use our automated warehouse designated for product and yard, our network all over the nation will lead you to achieve cost reduction.