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What kind of container is there and what is each characteristic?

1) Dry Container
A regular container for the normal goods transport, temperature control is not needed case. Steel Panel material.

2) Reefer Container
A container specialized for seafood, meat, livestock products, flowers and chemical products equipped with cold storage and frozen devices.

3) Open Top Container
Open top container for the cargo does not fit in the regular container due to its height. Top covers with tarpaulin.

4) Flat Rack Container
4 walls opened, only the bottom exists, for machines and woods bigger and heavier than normal goods.

What is TEU?

It stands for Twenty Footer Equipment Unit. It is a size unit for 20fit container used for the volume.
Cf) FEU : stands for Forty Footer Equipment Unit.

What is CFS(Container Freight Station) and the shipment process of imported cargo to the shipper?

1) CFS : CFS is container bonded shed

① the place for putting cargo for temporary for documental work, also, vanning/devanning that cargo, this place should be located within port area and permitted for bonded cargo handling

② The place that LCL, FCL cargo is turned over to the shipper in the export country. (Report is possible)

③ Designated place that shipping company or its agency hands over cargo which will be loaded, or unloaded cargo to turn over to the shipper(notionally).

2) turn-over procedure

① Turn over a full container at CY(Container Yard), transport to CFS.

② Tally and check the condition of the cargo while devanning the container.

③ CFS Operator turns over the cargo to a person with D/O issued from shipping company.

④ Cargo is not carried out from CFS within certain free –time, demurrage charge will occur.

How much is the surcharge for special container such as Open top Container, Flat Rack Container, Reefer Container?
In case of Reefer Container, generally surcharge is 30%, and the surcharge for Open top Container and Flat Rack Container is calculated through discussion with customer, so please contact our sales team for the details.
How much is the freight for bulk and long sized cargo?

The freight is different depending on cargo type, material and transport route, for the accurate inquiry, please contract out container sales team.

How many tops can be loaded per container?
Generally, for 20ft container 17.5ton, up to 23ton for 40ft container. If the weight exceeds just a little for 20ft container, we can use chassis.
If container vanning takes more than 4 hours, how much is the surcharge?
It is free, 3 hours for 40ft Container, 2 hours for 20ft Container, and after that \28,000 per hour. However, we are trying to be flexible case by case for you..
What is pros and cons of land transport and railway transport?
Railway transport procedure is more complicated than land transport so takes more time, but there is less limitation for railway transport in weight. However, for a long distance, there is limitation for discount due to raises or fees(KORAIL marketing team-1149, 2006.7.31, railway transport fee adjustment notice in 2006), while land transport can take advantage of flexibility case by case.