Service guidance
Customer Service
※ Automotive parts warehouse
Operate own parts center for quick and accurate supply
※ Inspection center
all type is available up- to date inspection facility
※ Painting facility
From small to wingbody truck, a facility possible to sand and paint all vehicle type
※ Customer lounge
Facility provided to customers for comfort while the service is done
※ Electronic control diagnotor
Able to repair engine, auto transmission and auto AC accurately and quickly by electronic control diagnotor
Provide perfect maintenance service by more accurate and detailed diagnosis than vehicle total diagnotor
※ measuring instrument of wheel alignment
Perfect diagnosis and repair of tire one sided abrasion and tilted steering wheel
※ Global diagnotor
Able to diagnosis by connecting online with Hyundai Motors
※ Car wash facility
Car wash service with high pressure steam
※ ABS diagnotor
Able to diagnosis and promptly repair vehicle with Wabco ABS
※ Forklift
Various types of forklift from auto forklift to 45ton forklift are rentable
※ large sized lift
24ton large sized lift works for all vehicle type safely and efficiently.